Obamacare has been a disaster for Illinois. Many counties only have two options for consumers, and our healthcare costs have only gone up over the last decade. We can, and must, do better.

Ironically they call it the Affordable Care Act, but it has been unaffordable for most Americans and small businesses.

Having worked in the healthcare industry, I will push for real reform that will increase transparency in billing, which will foster competition among healthcare systems. I also believe consumers should have more options in the marketplace and their policies should be transportable across state lines.  I will work to cut costs by giving families more flexibility in their healthcare coverage options.

These initiatives will make healthcare more accessible and more affordable.


By the time the next Congress takes office, the issue of the Debt Ceiling will be back on the table.

I am opposed to raising the Debt Ceiling. It will only add to the already enormous burden we are placing on our children and grandchildren. I will push to curb spending and limit the debt we, as a Nation, incur.


Today’s economy is fragile. The recent banking crisis proves that. Inflation is still above pre-pandemic levels, and the fast-paced rise in interest rates has hurt the everyday American.

Our economy is struggling at its core, and threats of a recession are still looming. In fact, if they hadn’t changed the definition of a recession to suit their agenda, we would already be considered in a recession.

I will work to pass legislation that will stimulate growth and quicken the economic recovery.


It is time to get back to scholastics – reading, writing and arithmetic. We should be re-implementing gifted programs and those for special needs students. Schools must advance our kids based on aptitude – not the color of their skin. Just look at the test scores, teachers are not teaching our kids today.

We also must address what is being done to water down curriculums nationwide and fill our kids heads with opinions rather than facts. We need to give our kids the tools to succeed. I support helping our kids improve their critical thinking skills—not being told what to think.

We must end the sexualization of our kids and protect parental rights.

Children are our future, and we must protect them.


Recent events have brought to light problems with our election processes. We need a photo ID to buy cough syrup and to get on an airplane—we should need a photo ID to vote.

I will push to re-implement the need for 3 forms of ID to register to vote, and proof of ID at the polling booth.


It has become more and more apparent that we are living with a two-tiered justice system. This is in direct contrast of what our forefathers instilled in The Constitution. The ramification for all Americans is frightening.

When in Congress, I will fight to reduce the funding for both the FBI and DOJ. By limiting their funding, we can begin to de-weaponize our justice system and return it to a fair and equal system for all.


The crisis at our southern border continues to be a national crisis. Millions of migrants have entered illegally without consideration of their criminal or health history. It is threatening our communities by increasing drug trafficking, bringing more criminals into our country, and costing taxpayers billions. This, combined with Illinois’ sanctuary state policies, are putting us all at risk. The federal government must enforce the laws on the southern border and continue constructing the wall.

Legal immigration is something I fully support. My grandparents brought my mother to this country as a child to find a better life and pursue the American Dream. Eliminating border checkpoints and refusing to deport those who commit violent crimes makes every resident less safe.


We all agree we need infrastructure improvements. So, we should pass legislation for infrastructure funding – not stuff the bill with special interest funding. Bigger bills mean bigger taxes.

I oppose tax and fee hikes on Illinoisians. In our state we are regularly burdened with higher tolls and higher taxes. Congress pursuing a high tax agenda, coupled with policies that will create even higher utility rates, would make Illinois even less affordable. I am running because we need to curb the spending and stop the tax increases.


These past several years have been a disaster for millions of Americans. From job loss to increased prices, every day Americans are forced to deplete their savings. We are working harder – for less. Americans are struggling, and more needs to be done to provide relief – and get people back to work.

In Congress, I will work to expand workforce training programs and help connect hard working Illinoisans with good paying jobs.


The ‘defund the police’ and ‘end cash bail’ agendas are detrimental to the safety of our communities. They make our families less safe. I oppose releasing violent felons on their own recognizance, and I oppose defunding our local police departments. The radical, left-wing agenda attacking our police needs to end.

Sensible criminal justice reforms, improved police training, and procedural improvements are initiatives we can all get behind, and ones that I will support.


Small businesses have been hit hardest by supply chain issues, labor shortages, and increased costs and more taxes. Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. They employ 46% of Illinois residents. We need to help them create jobs and foster thriving communities – not add to their burden with more taxes and regulations.


More spending leads to more taxes.

I will work to curb the spending in WDC and stop tax increases on working families. When in Washington I will work to push for spending caps to limit the amount we add to the national debt in order to pay for the Left’s radical spending.


I am proudly Pro-Life with exception (Rape, Incest and the Life of the Mother), and I oppose the Democrats’ radical abortion agenda.

Sean Casten’s support for taxpayer funded and late term abortions is despicable and is directly in opposition with the values of his constituents. In Congress, I will proudly stand for life.

2nd Amendment

I am Pro – 2nd Amendment and believe we must protect our right to bear arms.


"It is my hope to be a fresh voice in Congress for the citizens of the 6th District and to represent the values that our communities share."

As a mom, a businesswoman, and a lifelong resident of the Chicago suburbs, I have seen the effects of bad leadership in Washington—and in Illinois. Our lives have been negatively impacted in many ways. From the higher cost of living to the loss of many small businesses to the watering down of our kids’ education, this country is headed in the wrong direction. We deserve a representative that will protect our interests now and for the future. We deserve a Congress that works for the people. As an Illinois Representative, I will protect your liberties and freedoms and make a better tomorrow.

Niki Conforti
Candidate (R)
Illinois 6th Congressional District

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